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Multiple accounts within one mobile app

Improve your user experience and service access security with Authenticato.

Are you tired of using multiple passwords for logging into different services all the time?

Do you find out sensitive applications access and security threats very challenging nowadays?
Would you like to have a unique solution that will enable MFA for logging into multiple different accounts/services using only one mobile app?
Do you find out branding of mobile apps and MFA apps security very important?

If the answers on all questions are YES, let us introduce you with Authenticato.

It enables the MFA for logging into multiple different accounts/services directly from one mobile app.

It offers token out-of-the-box token customization with your brand. Customize each token to satisfy the Client’s (Company’s) needs and emphasize Company’s brand with the wanted logo, color, and name.

By customizing each token, end-users can find the wanted token easier and faster.

In a high manner protected from diversified security threats with user-defined PIN or biometrics, and a mobile application is protected with a RASP mechanism.

It provides passwordless authentication using Push notifications or login on-demand mechanisms.

Offers the possibility of mobile token recovery in case of a stolen/lost/broken mobile device.

Solution is available on premise and on cloud
Contact us and choose the customized option that perfectly fits your needs.
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What else do you gain with Authenticato?

The attacker's attempt to fake someone's identity is significantly stunted with SxS.

Higher level of security

Authenticato is a solution based on security protocols and standards, driven by the financial sector which is under constant regulatory pressure. In order to provide the highest level of security, Authenticato solution is up to date with the latest security standards that can be applied to non-financial institutions which want to improve their security.

Multi-token application

Authenticato allows the existence of multiple MFA tokens in a single application, used for logging into different applications or services – i.e. Windows, Linux, MAC or VPN login.

Quick and safe activation

The user simply downloads Authenticato and scans QR Code to complete the activation process.

Protected Authenticato entrance

Unlock Authenticato using Biometrics or PIN to prevent unauthorized access to your application.

Passwordless authentication

User authentication could be simplified by using Push notifications or on-demand login directly from mobile app.

Support for Huawei devices

In addition, Authenticato supports sending push notifications to the Huawei mobile devices.

Token customization

Each token can be customized with colors, logos, and token name to satisfy the client’s needs.

App Protector

Application is protected with RASP mechanism that enables Jailbreaking, rooting, debugging, hooking detections and reactions to detected threats.


A token application has built-in administration functionalities for tokens migration to another device or tokens recovery in case of stolen or broken mobile device.


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