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Fully centralized & seamless to use Identity and Access management solution (IAM)

Keep up with the latest cybersecurity practices so you can easily prevent any potential attacks on your app.
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IAM is an all-in-one solution for authenticating applications and secure services, delivering a seamless user experience by managing user authentication and access in the background so users can easily switch between systems.

The solution that gets you technically fully covered and prepared for the next level of identity management.

A secure device-agnostic solution that creates a great customer experience.
Big companies like banks, telecom, or enterprises with many different departments, various internal applications & processes struggle to consolidate everything into one secure place.
IAM helps those companies by centralizing all data, roles and user access into one solution.

Manage different credentials, data, and access while reducing operational costs through one identity and access solution.

Having one centralized solution for managing different user credentials, roles, and user accesses enables companies to focus on business benefits, decrease time spent on administrative tasks and increase IT resources efficiency.

Key benefits you get with IAM implementation

Reduce time spent on user administration by more than 20%

IAM delivers improved IT efficiency through a single place to administer user identity and access rights. The solution reduces the time needed to provide applications and services so that there is no need to re-implement authentication mechanisms across applications and services.

Sign-in only once, use as many apps and services as you need

Reduced complexity for end-users, application owners, and IT Admins with a single sign-on (SSO) access to all applications and services that a person needs by signing in only once, using a single user account.

Utilize maximum security through single-point control access

Single point of authentication enables the complete control of a person’s access to multiple applications in one place.

Meet key features

Easily connect with external authentication platforms at any time
Single Sign-On for smooth user experience
Out of the box synchronization of user data with external sources
Supporting advanced user scenarios
Easy integration with other solutions in use
Workflows that serve for mandatory and business needs


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