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Make your
daily payments
easy going.

A multi-factor mobile device solution that proves user identity and securely confirms payments.
Today, users expect payment solutions to be convenient, easy to use, and accessible – anytime from anywhere. While payment processes need to be safe, secure, and reliable, the digital world has become full of online risks that can produce significant losses.

What is mToken?

A secure device-agnostic solution that creates a great customer experience.
It is installed on a mobile device, one of the few things that users never forget to bring. It holistically responds to the needs for strong authentication, data loss prevention, and compliance with governmental security directives. 

The solution meets growing end-user mobility demands and makes customer payments fully secured without increasing complexity in the customer journey.

Meet the benefits that mToken delivers

Increased customer satisfaction

Companies implementing mToken get significantly better customer satisfaction feedback thanks to the frictionless digital payments processes that strengthen brand trust.

Flexible solution that covers both worlds

If you are a business looking either for a standalone or SDK mToken solution, we got you covered. Our infrastructure and solutions are ready-made for any scenario you may have.

Increased conversion rates

mToken offers a seamless and fully regulation-compliant customer authentication through innovative solutions and industry know-how such as receiving and confirming payments with push notifications and biometry.

Higher brand retention and customer loyalty

Through built-in technology, mToken enables customizable payment solutions and provides the best customer journey for your users, reducing churn and lowering customer acquisition costs. A frictionless payment process converts you into a preferred provider for payment solutions, which empowers your customer loyalty and increases their lifetime value.

Implement the mToken based on your preference

mToken can be implemented into your app as an SDK, or you could get a white-labeled application part with an already integrated mToken SDK. If you do not have an application and do not want to use our white-label solution, we provide you with a fully custom application.


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