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Online Payment
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Make merchant and acquirer feel safe while purchasing online.
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Increase in digital sales
Conversion rate optimization, decreased cart abandonment rates
Granted liability shift for fraud and disputed transactions
One tap integration process
Progressive security
Fully PSD2 compliant

If you are an acquirer or online purchasing application owner, we are here to provide you with the best 3D Secure solutions!


Are you an acquiring institution that provides your online merchant with an online payment gateway?

ASEE TriDES 3DSS (3DS Server) and MPI (Merchant Plug-in) enable your online merchants to accept online card payments with cardholder authentication according to card scheme 3D Secure programs (VerifiedByVisa, Mastercard SecureCode/Identity Check, American Express Safekey, Diners/ProtectBuy, JCB J/Secure, NSPK Mir Accept) providing a liability shift to an issuer in case of chargebacks due to fraudulent online transactions. Let’s hear from you!

Are you a web/mobile application provider developing web and mobile purchasing applications for your online merchants?

By deploying ASEE TriDES web API and mobile SDK, your web shop solutions and mobile purchase applications can have instantly built-in support for the 3D Secure program.
Make sure your online merchants have the best experience by implementing 3D Secure today. Get in touch with us!

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Meet the solutions designed for your needs

3DS Server: a solution that eliminates risk within the transaction process

3DS Server is a solution linked with Payment Gateway which secures payment authorization by using the bank’s or switching to processor’s authorization API, making the entire process so smooth that the cardholder doesn’t even notice it. The process starts with the cardholder payment confirmation at the web or In-App shop. Prior to the authorization request, payment gateway will initiate 3D Secure authentication via 3DS Server to the Directory Server, which redirects the authentication request to the appropriate issuing bank. This is where ACS assesses the risk of a particular transaction. If the transaction risk analysis requires Strong Customer Authentication, ACS initiates the authentication process, demanding the cardholder interaction for successful authentication.
Download 3DS Server Datasheet

3DS Mobile SDK: Your in-app payment security guarantee

Easily deploy a complex solution into your app to ensure the highest security standards. 3DS SDK collects device and transaction information, performs security and warning checks, making the payment process smooth and secure. By implementing 3DS SDK, you provide a unified in-app payment experience and follow the latest regulations and online payments best practices. Collect and assess payment data with a security guarantee. Enable convenience and security to your customers – in a single solution.
Download 3DS Mobile SDK Datasheet
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