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Spoofing Protector

Are your customers bombarded by spoofed calls and texts? Protect your customers and preserve your brand's integrity from scammers pretending to be you. Secure what matters most – your customers and your brand.

Enterprise-level spoofing defense for outbound calls and SMS

Spoofing Protector terminates unwanted calls and text messages sent by scammers trying to impersonate your reputable company. Although your customers are the ones on the front line, your business is taking a hit as well. Avoid losing customer trust and protect your brand image with Spoofing Protector.

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Protect your end-user from compromised or tampered devices in real-time so they can enjoy your app carefreely.

Spoofing Protector for voice phishing

Vishing (voice phishing), when combined with caller ID spoofing, makes up for a highly successful tactic in divulging sensitive information from fraud victims.


10% of all calls in 2022 are considered to be either fraud or spam.


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In 2023, 3 out of 4 businesses lost money to voice phishing (vishing) scams.

The average yearly cost of vishing attacks exceeded $14 million for each business

Out of all social engineering attack types, voice-based scams hold the

highest success rate at 77%.

The average cost of a single vishing attack is $577.

How does Spoofing Protector terminate spoofed calls ?

Secure your business. Start with protecting your clients.

One in three consumers states that a single received spoofed call made them lose trust in future incoming calls from that same business.

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Spoofing Protector for SMS phishing

What makes smishing exceptionally convenient for the attackers are the stats. Scammers are counting on the likelihood of the SMS being open and read. So here are a few reasons why text messages are among top distribution channels for cybercriminals:

SMS has a 98% open rate, significantly higher than email marketing, which averages around 20%.

60% of users open and read the SMS within 1-5 minutes of receiving it.

Users are 4.5 times more likely to take action after receiving a text than an email.

How does Spoofing Protector prevent SMS fraud ?

What does Spoofing Protector provide to your company ?

Brand integrity

Safeguards the company's brand reputation by preventing unauthorized use of its identity in fraudulent activities.

Customer trust

 Ensures customers can trust communication from the company, reducing the risk of falling victim to scams or phishing attempts.

Regulatory compliance

Helps meet regulatory requirements by demonstrating proactive measures to protect against fraudulent communication

Financial loss prevention

Mitigates potential financial losses that may occur due to scams or unauthorized use of the company's identity for fraudulent purposes.

'Your users trust you to protect them – don't lose their trust'

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