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Identify users on a click from all over the world.

The solution enables you to digitally onboard customers in a fully secured way.
Start securing your transactions

Confirm your customers' identity without making them go out of their comfort zone.

One security solution for limitless online payment opportunities
Video identification can verify your customers' datawhile leaving your customer in just a few steps.
By using Live video identification, you can verify your customers complying with the regulatory framework and confirm their identity without the need to go to the branch office.

Live uses its modules to enable video interaction and lead the organization employee through the process steps with an option to mark the steps with the outcome and collect all the process outcomes such as files, results, recording, etc.

Eliminate chances of spoof attacks and deep fakes and make it a bulletproof identity solution

Smooth real-time verification & high security - real-time verification eliminates chances of spoof attacks and deep fakes, while recording and storing everything for any additional check.

Lower drop off rate

Video identification brings the efficiency of resources that creates lower operational costs and higher customer satisfaction which ultimately lowers drop off rates.

Solution that complies with all regulatory standards

Video identification is completely in compliance with all regulatory standards from AML, GDPR, PSD2 so you can be fully safe choosing the solution.

Re-invent the customer onboarding process

If you want to get a high conversion rate, then video identification is necessary. Re-invent your customer onboarding process and make it 100% digital so you can deliver customer services more efficiently than in the “old way”.

Completely eliminate branch offices

Delivering an exceptional customer experience means that onboarding the new customer or just doing business with the existing ones is faster and more convenient than the offline process. This is where video identification makes a difference by eliminating the need of going to a branch office.

Contactless customer serving

Live Virtual Branch will allow you to empower the existing processes so that you can engage your customers 24/7, entirely online without worrying that you cannot provide services to your customers far away from your branch destinations.

Meet key features that make the full power of digitization of services.

Meet the products

The system enables you to serve your customers anywhere on the earth.

Digital customer enabler

End-to-end customer history storage

24/7 chat bot and communication support with advanced call back options

Start securing your transactions

How does it work?

One security solution for limitless online payment opportunities
A solution that complies with regulatory framework.
User validation via OTP and 4 eye principal check
Recoding and taking ID snapshots
Packaging and sending data
Encrypting and archiving data
Enabling secure data access


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