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Mobile App Shielding

Protect your mobile application without pausing operations or interrupting the user experience. Keep up with the latest mobile security practices and easily prevent present and emerging mobile
app attacks .

What is mobile app shielding?

Mobile application shielding protects mobile apps  from reverse engineering and tampering attempts. It involves adding layers of obfuscation and encryption to the app's code, making it harder for attackers to understand the application's logic and modify it for malicious purposes.

Protect your end-user from compromised or tampered devices in real-time so they can enjoy your app carefreely.

Enables full regulatory compliance

Meeting all necessary regulations - such as PSD2 – mobile app shielding mitigates the risk of running mobile apps on tampered/compromised devices and safeguards your app.

Shields your mobile app from hacking, malware, and data leakage

Provides the biggest BYOD security benefits that minimize the risks of a compromised mobile app.

Protects sensitive data and intellectual property

Mobile application shielding enhances the security of sensitive user information as well as provides protection of intellectual property.

Safeguards your mobile app from reverse engineering and tampering attempts

Enables multiple responses in cases of suspected reverse engineering and tampering attempts in real-time.

Mobile application shielding ensuring anti-tampering while the user experience remains intact

To ensure anti-tampering, measures like code obfuscation, encryption, and integrity checks are implemented to prevent reverse engineering and modification of the app. However, Mobile Application Shielding also focuses on maintaining a seamless user experience, minimizing performance impact, and ensuring usability.

75% of mobile apps would fail basic application security tests.


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Mobile application shielding building blocks

Runtime Application Self-Protection

(RASP) RASP is a mobile application security component built into the application’s runtime environment, enabling protection from the inside. Since Runtime Application Self-Protection is an integral part of the application, it allows monitoring in real-time and detection of any type of anomaly in the mobile app’s runtime behavior. RASP protects the mobile application from data breaches, various mobile app security threats (e.g., hooking and emulator attacks), and tampering – all without any human intervention.

Code Obfuscation

To obfuscate a code means making it difficult to understand for the reader. It is a common practice in programming used to protect intellectual property, such as the source code. The main goal is to make reverse engineering as difficult as possible for the opposing side. Any insight into the application logic by an unauthorized party poses an application security threat. By applying multiple code obfuscation techniques, you’re heightening the security levels of the application.

Integrity Checking

Integrity checks are based on an algorithm that calculates a secret value derived from the application’s code. The secret value is the application’s personal signature – it proves its integrity. The calculated value is the result of the code’s contents. The algorithm for calculating the secret value is sensitive to changes made within the code - altering a single character within the code will result in a completely different secret value. Upon starting the application, the current application signature is compared to the one stored as the check value. If the signatures are mismatched, this indicates that the code has been tampered with.

How does mobile app shielding protect your code?

Reverse engineering detection and prevention

  • Code obfuscation
  • Emulator detection
  • Debugger detection
  • Hooking detection

Tampering detection and prevention

  • Integrity checking
  • Jailbreak/root detection
  • Screen recording detection
  • Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP)

By 2023, it is predicted that mobile apps lacking adequate security will be involved in 90% of all data breaches.


Ensure mobile app security in minutes with App Protector

Based on RASP technology, ASEE App Protector provides continuous monitoring, detection, and prevention of known and emerging threats for your mobile application. Integration with lightweight SDK enhances the security of mobile apps while your app's performance remains intact.

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Monitoring threats in real-time with a dashboard

What makes App Protector stand out is the ability to monitor and visualize attacks in real-time and provide the app owner with threat visibility through a portal that is uniquely linked to their mobile application. It enables real-time reporting as well as tracking of incident responses.

Do you need to consider mobile app shielding ?

To get a better idea of whether your mobile application requires additional security measures, do a quick self-check by answering the following questions:

If you answered ''yes'' to any of the above questions, we advise you to take the next step on your journey to enhanicng the security of your mobile application by booking a zero-obligation consultation with our security experts.

ASEE Mobile Application Security Suite

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