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Integration Guidelines
We put a great effort into developing our developer's toolkit, which has a robust development library allowing easy integration of any 3-D Secure program. It makes it easy for you to activate the authentication process into your checkout flow, providing a great user experience to your customers.

Integration Guidelines for Trides

TriDES2 3DS Server enables instant implementation of all 3D Secure programs for acquirers and merchants. Used with a mobile SDK, it ensures simple integration with web-based and mobile application-based purchase channels, digital wallets and other online payment services. By using a certified 3DS Server and a mobile SDK e-commerce and m-commerce service providers can avoid complex 3D Secure development and certification, thus reducing their cost and time to market.

Reduce fraud chargeback expenses

Online fraud is the most common cause for chargebacks in the online payment environment, and it is mostly a burden for the merchant. To the merchants and acquirers that use TriDES2 3DSS and participate in 3D Secure programs, card schemes grant a chargeback liability shift, which transfers the chargeback and fraud-related costs to the issuer.

Key Product Features

  • Backward compatible to 3D Secure 1.0.2
  • Frictionless and challenge transaction flows
  • Outspread types of supported transactions, including recurring payment, instalments, standing orders, direct debit, e-invoicing etc.
  • Integration with web browsing and in-app purchasing applications, with a responsive web interface for browsing on a mobile phone
  • Management of multiple acquiring institutions in-one 3DS server instance
  • Multiple directory servers in one 3DS server instance (Verified by Visa, Mastercard® IdentityCheckTM, American Express Safekey®, Diners Club ProtectBuy®, JCB J/SecureTM, UnionPay UPOP, NSPK MirAccept)
  • Easy integration with payment gateways, merchant applications and non-payment applications using HTTP redirection API, XML API, Java API or Webservice API
  • Merchant whitelisting
  • Merchant and acquiring risk scoring
  • Integration with tokenisation services, digital wallets, card on file
  • Extensive statistics and reporting


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