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Accessing sensitive data with a VPN connection?

Nowadays, working from home has suddenly become the new normal, which also requires a new level of security.

Nowadays, working from home has suddenly become the new normal, which also requires a new level of security.

In business, as usual, VPN is a convenient feature to enable employees to occasionally work away from the office, but these days it’s the key connection to the company’s data, making it as important as, for instance, securing your financial transactions.

And attacks by hackers don’t stop even in times of a pandemic crisis. There are sophisticated ways to steal identity and data, which can cost companies dearly. 

So, what can be done to protect our personal and business data?

Upgrade your existing VPN security with reliable and secure multi-factor authentication for connecting to your VPN – i.e., ASEE SxS authentication

SxS, an authentication server uses advanced cryptography algorithms and the highest industry standards to provide security without adding friction and, consequently, sacrificing user experience. To ensure full protection for your users during authentication or when carrying out online transactions, SxS makes sure they are validated using highly available authentication servers. 

Strong authentication is, among other methods, ensured with the use of dynamic passwords, meaning that multi-factor authentication is used. Dynamic passwords which are validated by SxS can be generated from a variety of sources; from a hardware token, a QR code reader device, to a mobile token.

The ASEE authentication server, SxS, can be deployed on the client’s premises or hosted in the cloud. No matter which option you choose, the solution ensures that the right people are accessing your sensitive data.

Stay safe and secure by using SxS as a service anytime, anywhere, and contact us to learn more about our offer.

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