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ASEE received Discover's ProtectBuy program certificate for 3D Secure Access Control Server

Our team is happy to share that ASEE successfully completed Discover's ProtectBuy testing and received certification for ACS version 2.2.0.

From now on, issuing banks using our ACS 2.2.0. solution can enroll Discover cards and provide their cardholders with a bundle of benefits the 3D Secure program provides. Protecting both merchants and cardholders, 3D Secure provides payment fraud protection, liability shift in case of proven fraud, and fewer chargebacks. The added security comes through user-friendly authentication methods, making the checkout experience effortless for the cardholder. 

The above also applies to in-app payments at merchants with integrated 3DS Mobile SDK solution, including 3RI Payments (recurring, installment, MOTO)  and SCA exemptions (TRA, Merchant Whitelisting, etc.).

Access Control Server by Trides2

Balancing between security and user experience? Find out how TriDES 2 ACS enables issuing institutions both while staying aligned with the latest Payment Services Directive.

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