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Protecting Your Mobile Game App: A Blueprint for Security in Mobile Gaming & Entertainment

September 15, 2023
In the world of mobile gaming and entertainment, the battle against piracy, cheating, and tampering has never been more crucial. Recent statistics reveal that nearly 35% of mobile game developers are deeply concerned about the adverse impact these threats have on their revenue. Alarmingly, 30% of them lack the necessary tools to combat these issues effectively.

This article sheds light on the challenges confronting the mobile gaming and entertainment industry and provides actionable insights and solutions to mitigate these risks. Our aim is to showcase the importance of safeguarding user data and intellectual property while ensuring a seamless and secure user experience.

A full overview of challenges within the mobile gaming industry, along with solutions to address them, is available for download in our Use Cases category.

Mobile App Security in Gaming

Stay ahead of the game and learn how ASEE can help you circumvent the challenges present in the mobile gaming industry.

Challenge #01: Bypassing Ads on Mobile

One of the primary revenue streams for mobile game developers is in-game advertising, with global expenditure projected to reach a staggering $79.89 billion in 2023. Yet, users often find ways to circumvent these ads using ad-blockers and other tools, directly impacting app owners' earnings. A solution lies in implementing code obfuscation on ad-related code segments within the app, coupled with integrity checking. These measures make it difficult for hackers to block ads and ensure the app remains tamper-free.

Challenge #02: Reverse Engineering Mobile Games

Reverse engineering poses a severe threat to mobile game developers, as it can lead to piracy, cheating, brand damage, and intellectual property theft. To combat this, developers can employ Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP), code obfuscation, and integrity checking. RASP ensures real-time protection by responding to tampering attempts, while code obfuscation and integrity checks make reverse engineering a formidable challenge for hackers.

Challenge #03: In-Game Offer Abuse

In-game offers are a popular revenue source. However, some users exploit loopholes to gain rewards without paying, resulting in revenue losses and damage to the game's reputation. Preventative measures include integrity checking, code obfuscation, and RASP. Integrity checks ensure that the code remains unaltered, while code obfuscation protects sensitive data. RASP detects threats at runtime and responds accordingly, preserving user loyalty.

Challenge #04: Financial and Reputational Losses

Developers face significant financial and reputational risks when their games are compromised. Solutions include security testing, vulnerability scanning, and regular updates to address security concerns. Core mobile application security mechanisms like RASP, code obfuscation, and integrity checking protect the application from within, ensuring data security and maintaining user trust.

ASEE as Your Cybersecurity Partner

ASEE is your trusted cybersecurity partner, serving customers across four continents and 20+ countries. With more than two decades of experience, we offer end-to-end security solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you're in finance, gaming, or any other industry, our expertise ensures your digital channels remain secure.

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Mobile App Security in Gaming

Stay ahead of the game and learn how ASEE can help you circumvent the challenges present in the mobile gaming industry.

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