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ASEE Product Updates: Q1 2024 Highlights

As we move into the second quarter of 2024, let's review the key product updates and enhancements that ASEE introduced in the past three months. We'll cover the highlighted developments within ASEE's products, showing how they can contribute to your organization's security posture.

New In: Authentication

ASEE's mToken has been updated to comply with Apple's new privacy manifest for third-party SDKs. This update is crucial for developers as it offers a clearer view of how third-party SDKs use data, which is essential for maintaining user privacy and securing software dependencies.

Another significant update is the introduction of passwordless authentication. This new feature uses biometrics for identity verification within a mobile application, eliminating the need for passwords. This change not only makes logging in more secure by removing password-related vulnerabilities but also reduces costs and simplifies the user experience. Initially, this feature is available for Windows Login, with plans to extend it to other platforms.

New In: Trides

The launch of ACS v2.10 marks a significant improvement in the efficiency of 3DS processing. The new version features an optimized database architecture that separates transaction processing from administrative functions, improving processing speed and enhancing reporting capabilities.

Additionally, ASEE has improved its ACS Risk Scoring system by incorporating AI and ML technologies. This enhancement aims to increase the number of frictionless 3DS transactions. This is done by providing a more accurate risk assessment, which helps in approving transactions without sacrificing security.

New In: Mobile Security

In response to emerging mobile threats, the App Protector RASP SDK has been updated to detect and mitigate threats from tools like Shamiko and Magisk. They are usually known for evading root detection and injecting malicious code. This update ensures that mobile applications are protected against these advanced threats.

The App Protector portal has also been improved. It now provides detailed statistics on detected mobile app attacks and introduces new features for easier data export and analysis. Enhanced search and sorting capabilities have been added to streamline the review process.

New In: Social engineering fraud solution

ASEE is excited to introduce yet another security solution: Spoofing Protector. Banks are facing a new challenge in the form of caller ID spoofing scams. The attackers are using a trusted brand as an entryway to the user's personal and financial information. Spoofing Protector terminates unwanted calls and text messages sent by scammers trying to impersonate your reputable company. Although your customers are the ones on the front line, your business is taking a hit as well. Avoid losing customer trust and protect your brand image with Spoofing Protector.

Wrap Up

The first quarter of 2024 has been productive for ASEE, with several key updates aimed at enhancing security measures and operational efficiency. These updates not only help organizations improve their security posture but also simplify operations by introducing more efficient and user-friendly authentication methods. As ASEE continues to innovate in the field of cybersecurity, businesses can expect more improvements that will help them protect their digital assets and enhance user experiences.

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