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ASEE Product Updates: Q2 2024 Highlights

As we move into the third quarter of 2024, let's review the key product updates and enhancements that ASEE introduced in the past three months. We'll cover the highlighted developments within ASEE's products, showing how they can contribute to your organization's security posture.

New In: Authentication

SxS Now Supports OPEN JDK 8

OpenJDK 8 is widely recognized for its compatibility across various platforms and environments. This new support for OpenJDK 8 means our solutions can run more efficiently and securely across different systems. In addition to this update, we've addressed all critical and high vulnerabilities in the libraries we use by upgrading, removing, or mitigating affected libraries. This update underscores our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology and superior performance, ensuring that your systems remain robust and secure.

New In: Trides

Enhancing 3DS User Experience: MasterCard's Deep-Linking Mandate

MasterCard has introduced updates to enhance the 3DS user experience during mobile in-app purchases, which require issuers and acquirers to support deep-linking. This feature allows an automatic switch from the merchant app to the issuer authentication mobile application, streamlining the authentication process.

In response, ASEE is preparing ACS release v2.11.1, set for mid-October 2024. This update will facilitate merchant app redirection to the bank authentication app via Bridging Message Extension and deep-linking authentication in mobile browsers. To ensure smooth implementation and testing, ASEE will hold a client workshop in September and offer CIS testing professional services. This proactive approach will help our clients meet the December 31, 2024, compliance deadline set by MasterCard.

New In: Mobile Security

App Protector Portal – Improved Audit Log Feature

We've enhanced the audit log section on the App Protector portal. Now, all users and roles registered on the portal can access detailed statistics about activities performed. The new audit log features will show what has been added, changed, or deleted, along with a detailed description, time of change, and the user responsible. This enhancement improves transparency and accountability, making it easier to track and manage changes within the system.

RASP SDK – Enhanced Detection Capabilities

Our SDK now detects the latest versions of Magisk and Frida tools. Magisk can bypass root detection mechanisms and inject malicious code into mobile apps, while Frida allows attackers to intercept and modify specific functions within an application. By enhancing the detection capabilities of our App Protector RASP SDK, we ensure that no bypass is made by hackers, keeping your apps secure from these advanced threats.


Frauds that cost billions: ASEE presented digital innovations in the protection of users and companies

In our first ASEE CyberSafe Showcase, we focused on the risks and importance of social engineering fraud prevention. Social engineering, in the context of IT security, refers to psychological manipulation aimed at revealing confidential information. With around 98% of cyber attacks relying on this technique, it's critical to stay informed and prepared. Our showcase highlighted innovative solutions and strategies to protect users and companies from such fraud.

Industry Trends and Insights

Staying updated with industry trends is crucial for maintaining a strong security posture. Here are some key insights:

These insights provide valuable knowledge to help you navigate the evolving landscape of cybersecurity regulations and threats.

Wrap Up

The second quarter of 2024 has been productive for ASEE, with several key updates aimed at enhancing security measures and operational efficiency. These updates not only help organizations improve their security posture but also simplify operations by introducing more efficient and user-friendly features. As ASEE continues to innovate in the field of cybersecurity, businesses can expect more improvements that will help them protect their digital assets and enhance user experiences.

eBook: Beyond the Basics: A C-Suite Checklist for Banking Security Strategy

To guide you toward developing and maintaining a secure banking security strategy, ASEE offers a detailed security checklist to assist you in the process.

We look forward to your feedback and are happy to answer any questions regarding these updates and enhancements. Feel free to contact us.

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