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Italy’s Credem Banca migrates to ASEE Security Cloud

November 14, 2023
Credem is one of Italy’s main bank groups known for combining technological innovation, and individual customer needs with an in-house IT department developing their bank ecosystem across digital payment channels and more than 600 locations, thus serving thousands of small and corporate businesses and private clients. It is an innovative enterprise with the proposition “Passion and Responsibility,” based mainly on listening to its customers’ needs.

Credem used ASEE’s authentication server as an in-house solution to offer clients authentication methods for online payment or Internet banking.

During the one-year use of our authentication solution SxS in the SaaS/service model, Credem realized its benefits as an online service and decided to migrate all its clients to the cloud.

Migration of more than 900.000 end users

The project of migration of the SxS from on-premise to ASEE Hosting lasted 10 months, with a group of 17 experts working on both sides.

The project was handled agilely due to the asynchronous approach of several activities. The critical stages of the project included implementing services on the Bank's side and supported services and modules on the ASEE side, testing in two non-production environments, corrections and improvements throughout the project’s duration, and finally, rollout – where more than 900 thousand end users were being migrated iteratively every week in the joint coordinated activity of the bank and ASEE.

The complexity of activities required exceptional coordination and synchronization, where the quality of cooperation with the client came to the fore.

Benefits for the Bank

With the transition to ASEE Hosting, ASEE has taken on the responsibility for all compliance certification, monitoring, and implementing mandates which means no additional costs and effort for the bank. No hardware or software resource consumptions in Bank such as network, HSM, servers, virtual machines, or database. Scaling responsibility shifted to ASEE.

ASEE ensured high availability and took on disaster recovery responsibility. 24/7 infrastructure monitoring and support are shifted to ASEE as well as L1 infrastructure problem resolution. Change management procedures and responsibilities and application know-how also shifted to ASEE.

No additional costs or efforts are required from the Bank for SxS upgrades, including OS, application server, database, and Java upgrades. No key management. All security activities shifted to ASEE.

„We are grateful for the unwavering commitment and support provided by ASEE throughout the migration process, which has enabled us to seamlessly transition to their platform. ASEE's cutting-edge technology and expertise have proven invaluable in ensuring a smooth migration and minimal disruption to our banking operations. We are confident that our partnership with ASEE will continue to drive innovation and enhance our customer experience. We look forward to continuing our partnership with ASEE and exploring new opportunities to leverage their expertise and technology“,
Lorenzo Villa
Credem's Team Leader of Touchpoints IT

About SXS

SxS is a scalable regulatory and business requirements authentication solution that runs in the cloud.

SxS delivers a holistic approach to authentication and takes care of the entire multi-factor process, enabling you to deliver a seamless authentication process that won’t frustrate your customers with overcomplicated steps while complying with the latest regulatory requirements and security practices.

The ASEE team has 20+ years of experience in strong authentication for multi-device and multi-channel environments.

5M+ of people have been successfully secured

More than 5M people use SxS daily without worrying about their online security while engaging with the service provider of their choice.

120+ clients that trust SxS

SxS has been successfully implemented in over 120 client production environments in different industries.

Download Credem Banca Case Study

Learn how Credem, one of Italy's main bank groups, used the benefits of SxS authentication solution and migrated all its clients to the ASEE Security Cloud.

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