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Exploring FinTech and Cybersecurity at Money Motion 2024

April 1, 2024
Panel Discussion: FinTech Cybersecurity - Where is the threat coming from?

The Money Motion Conference 2024, held in Zagreb on March 21 and 22, featured an engaging panel discussion titled "FinTech Cybersecurity - Where is the threat coming from?" Moderated by Viktor Olujić, ASEE Croatia Board member, the panel brought together prominent figures in the cybersecurity landscape:

  • Florian Jensen, Chief Risk Officer at Scalapay; ex Glovo and Uber
  • Paul Moreno, CISO at Catawiki
  • Vlatko Čanev, Cybersecurity Technical Lead at NLB DigIT
  • David Capezza, VP Head of Risk Advisors at Visa
  • Belma Ohranović, Head of Security at Raiffeisen BANK BiH

This panel discussion was a part of the larger Money Motion 2024 conference. The experts discussed current cybersecurity trends and emerging risks within the FinTech sector, highlighting how cyber threats are evolving in complexity and scale.

Highlighted topics included cybersecurity trends and the rise of sophisticated attacks. They emphasized the importance of implementing robust security frameworks and the integration of AI and ML for better threat detection and prompt response. The conversation also touched on the critical role of employee awareness and training, as human error remains a significant vulnerability in cybersecurity.

The panelists shared insights from their experiences with leading tech companies, underscoring the need for continuous adaptation in cybersecurity strategies to keep pace with cybercriminals. They stressed the significance of fostering a security-first culture within organizations and highlighted the technical aspects of modern cyber threats and the necessity of multi-layered defense mechanisms.

The importance of industry-wide collaboration was also a key topic, with discussions on how financial institutions, FinTech companies, and regulatory bodies must work together to enhance payment security and protect customer data through collective efforts. The unique cybersecurity challenges faced by banks in the Balkan region and the importance of regulatory compliance were also discussed.

More on Money Motion 2024

Held in Zagreb, the Money Motion Conference 2024 attracted over 2,500 attendees, including FinTech professionals, industry leaders, innovators, and policymakers. Organized by ASEE, Monri, NEXI, MasterCard, and OTP Banka, the event took place at the Zagreb Fair Convention Center.

The two-day conference featured keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, and networking sessions, covering various FinTech topics. Alongside the "FinTech Cybersecurity" panel, sessions on digital banking, blockchain technology, payment systems, and regulatory challenges provided valuable insights into industry trends. Discussions explored how banks use technology to enhance customer experiences, the potential of blockchain to revolutionize payment systems, and the impact of regulatory changes on the FinTech landscape.

The exhibition hall, showcasing products and solutions from over 100 companies, allowed attendees to engage with cutting-edge technologies. Networking opportunities, including dedicated sessions and informal gatherings, facilitated relationship-building and knowledge-sharing.

The conference concluded with a keynote summarizing key takeaways and emphasizing the importance of continued innovation, collaboration, and vigilance against cybersecurity threats.

Wrap Up

The Money Motion Conference 2024 in Zagreb was a resounding success, underscoring the importance of collaboration and innovation in driving the FinTech industry forward. As cybersecurity remains a top priority, events like Money Motion 2024 play a crucial role in shaping a secure and resilient financial ecosystem for the future.

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